Some photos taken at Merel Karhof’s exhibition at Here Today Here Tomorrow last year, showcasing her new collection of felted scarves. The tubular scarves are created by wind powered knitting machines that knit the scarves down the side of a building and in through a window. The scarves are then cut at 2 metre lengths and labelled with the date and how long they took to produce.

Find out more about Merel Karhof here

Merel Karhof - Wind Knitting

Merel Karhof - Wind Knitting

Merel Karhof - Wind Knitting

Merel Karhof - Wind Knitting

We were asked to create some photograms for our Black and White Darkroom brief. I wanted to make my own image to show femininity by using haberdashery like lace to create patterns and outlines.


The actual brief we were set was to make two photograms with the theme “An event or special day”, my tutor thought the items I’d brought in for my original image would suit a wedding/valentine’s day photo (hence why I’m digging them out today), which, to me, seemed a tacky idea and I ended up with this image.

Valentine's Day Photogram

We worked on this project last year during the Diamond Jubilee so that was the obvious choice for my second image.

Jubilee Photogram

After we’d made the photograms we were asked to scan and then colourise one of them in Photoshop.

Jubilee Tinted Photogram